SQuadGen: Spherical Quadrilateral Grid Generator

SQuadGen @ GitHub


SQuadGen is a mesh generation utility that uses a cubed-sphere base mesh to generate quadrilateral meshes with user-specified enhancements. In order to determine where enhancement is desired, the user provides a PNG file which corresponds to a latitude-longitude grid. Raster values with higher brightness (whiter values) are tagged for refinement. The algorithm uses a basic paving technique and supports two paving stencil types: Low-connectivity (LOWCONN) and CUBIT-type transition regions.


    ./SQuadGen <Parameter List>


    --grid_type <string> ["CS"] (Options: ICO | CS)
    --refine_type <string> ["LOWCONN"] (Options: LOWCONN | CUBIT | LOWCONNOLD)
    --refine_level <integer> [2]
    --resolution <integer> [10]
    --refine_file <string> [""]
    --output <string> ["grid.g"]
    --loadcsrefinementmap <bool> [false]
    --smooth_type <string> ["NONE"] (Options: NONE | SPRING)
    --smooth_dist <integer> [1] (Smooth distance, -1 = smooth entire mesh)
    --smooth_iter <integer> [10]
    --lon_base <double> [-180.000000]
    --lon_shift <double> [0.000000]
    --invert <bool> [false]
    --block_refine <bool> [false]